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You are about to discover something very important—something that impacts virtually every aspect of your life.

How well do you process information? Auditory processing is how well you take in information you hear, while visual processing is how well you take in what you see. These abilities determine how much information you can hold and manipulate in your mind, which constitute major components of short-term memory and working memory. Thereby, processing has the greatest impact on how efficiently you learn and think. Deficits in processing are often the underlying condition for those labeled as having attention and learning problems. However, processing ability does not determine how intelligent you actually are, but does determine how effectively you can access your innate intelligence.

By participating in the Simply Smarter™ Project, you will measure how well you process information. Consequently, you will gain new insight into how you learn and think. You are also going to discover how you can improve—often dramatically improve—your processing abilities. You will notice that as your processing abilities improve so will every aspect of your life. To get started, please take the free 10-15 minute online assessment.

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