The Simply Smarter Project: Overview

The Simply Smarter Project is a proactive international effort to help everyone achieve his or her potential.

The Simply Smarter Project is an initiative of The NACD Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation. The Simply Smarter Project is becoming the largest descriptive research and development program undertaken related to auditory and visual sequential processing.

Phase I of The Simply Smarter Project has involved thousands of children and adults from all over the world. This free 15 minute on-line assessment has given us insight into how close we are all coming to reaching our potentials.

The assessment involves evaluation of sequential processing, the means with which we take in information and the basic mechanism we use to think and access our innate intelligence.

Sequential processing can be measured. Most importantly, it can be improved, often dramatically so.

Phase II of The Simply Smarter Project involves helping people within their homes and schools, as well as within the workplace, to raise their processing skills and global function.

Children and adults who are failing can lead normal lives, average people can be exceptional, and the exceptional can help save the planet.

We have the knowledge. We have the tools. All we need is the will to help everyone become all that they can be.

With the knowledge we have today, we have the ability to change minds and perhaps even save the world.

NACD: Elevated Thought

The National Association for Child Development (NACD) is an international organization dedicated to assisting individuals in achieving their innate potential. While our name reflects the organization's historical emphasis on child development, NACD is at the forefront of investigating, developing, and implementing methodologies to enhance neurological/brain function for individuals of all ages.

Under the direction of Robert J. Doman, Jr., NACD has created a unique approach to human development and the remediation of developmental, educational, and neurological problems. NACD has also pioneered the development of methodologies for the development of processing skills—the basic building blocks of cognition.

NACD believes that through the application of specific, appropriate neurodevelopmental and cognitive activities, virtually everyone can achieve a higher level of function and an improved quality of life.

NACD's Revolutionary Perspective

NACD has designed and supervised over 30 million hours of one-on-one therapy sessions. In addition, Bob Doman and NACD have been developing their sequential processing treatments over a period of 30+ years. What results is a novel theoretic concept in relation to short-term memory, working memory, cognition, and thought. Along with other researchers, NACD is now convinced that the development of brain structure and function can be developed throughout our lifetime. This understanding requires a paradigm shift, for we must now view individuals as having unlimited potential if we provide them with the opportunities necessary for brain/neurological development.

Traditional Thinking

For decades a person's ability to process information has been measured in digit spans. The accepted premise has been that sequential processing increases one digit per year and stops at the age of seven to nine years, leaving us with limited short-term memory of 7+/- 2. The brain research community has long believed this function could not be changed or developed through intervention. Much of the research sought simply to describe this neurological function of taking in information and giving it back.

Raising the Bar

Through investigation, NACD has found that much of the adult population is functioning with digit spans below 7, which represents the processing skills of many typically developing children. With our new initiative, The Simply Smarter Project, NACD strives to raise that level of sequential processing function of our society from 7 +/-2 digits to 9 +/-2 digits.

NACD's Vision—The Simply Smarter Project

The Research

Phase I
In Phase I of The Simply Smarter Project, The NACD Foundation is collecting a large amount of data to help determine the digit span/processing skills of any given sector of the population. This information is helping us to establish new norms and to demonstrate how significant sequential processing is and how easily we can change the world with The Simply Smarter Project. In a ground-breaking descriptive research study, NACD tested 7,125 individuals from young children to senior adults. The data confirmed that auditory sequential processing continues to improve from childhood all the way up through the late twenties, at which time the auditory sequential processing begins to decline. Visual processing peaks in the late twenties also and then begins to decline. More complex functions, described by reverse auditory sequential processing, peak in the early 20's and also begin to decline at about thirty years of age. Click here to read more about this study.

Phase II
In Phase II of The Simply Smarter Project, The NACD Foundation is working to raise the sequential processing function of individuals and society from the present level to 9 +/- 2 digits. We are providing instructions, programs, and materials to parents and schools to work directly to improve their children's processing skills. We have also developed the Simply Smarter System and online program that can be used easily and effectively by children and adults to improve their processing and overall mental abilities.

Worldwide Improvement—One Mind At A Time

Among The Simply Smarter Project's immediate implications is enhancing the quality of life for individuals who function below a processing level of 7 digits. Such individuals may experience difficulty learning, keeping jobs, establishing personal relationships, and communicating with others. For the average person we want to increase basic processing, thus globally improving function. For those who function above 7 digits, we want to enable them to develop superior mental abilities, which could help solve the crucial problems facing our world today.

Anyone Can Participate

As a participant in The Simply Smarter Project, you can assist us in achieving these goals. Sequential processing of 7, 9, or even 12 digits and higher is now a reality - a reality that is within your grasp. We have the knowledge; we have the tools; we need the opportunity. We invite you to join us in truly changing the world.

Increased Insight

Over the last 30 years as the result of directly increasing auditory and visual sequential processing, NACD has been observing and documenting significant changes and improvements in the following areas:

  • Academics (Students with strong processing skills demonstrate high academic skills.)
  • Emotional maturation
  • Communication and language
  • Comprehension
  • Learning
  • Personal efficacy
  • Concentration
  • Attention span
  • Creativity
  • Decision-making
  • Alertness
  • Problem solving
  • Reasoning (correlates highly with working memory)
  • Multi-tasking
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