How to Participate: Individuals

Who Should Participate?

  • Those who would like to gain a better understanding of how they think, understand, learn, and communicate.
  • Those who would like to learn how to improve their ability to function within their families, careers, and communities.
  • Those who would like to assist us in learning how we can help improve the lives of everyone on the planet.

Why Should You Participate?

  • To learn how you learn.
  • To discover if you have any particular strengths or weakness in your ability to process what you see or what you hear.
  • To become proactive in strengthening your processing and cognitive abilities, thus enhancing your ability to think, understand, learn, and communicate.
  • Your participation will assist us in determining how to best help everyone improve their processing abilities.
  • Your participation in the project is anonymous and free.

How Can You Participate?

  • Simply take the Free Memory Check now, fill out the demographic information, and complete the form. Your demographic information and test scores are all totally anonymous. The entire process should take less than fifteen minutes.
  • Pass on the information about The Simply Smarter Project to your friends, co-workers, employers, schools, and other members of your community.
  • Build your sequential processing and cognitive abilities by working with the activities provided and using the official Project software, Simply Smarter.
  • The Simply Smarter Project is totally dependent upon donations—please contribute.
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