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Simply Smarter Kids - Now Available!

Simply Smarter KidsSimply Smarter Kids - Memory is a fun and challenging games for kids and adults. Pictures flash on the screen one at a time with an auditory cue. After they are done flashing, just drag the appropriate pictures to the corresponding box in the sequence presented.

At NACD we are always working to identify needs and to find or develop the tools to address those needs. Everyone who knows of our work knows that we have been at the forefront of understanding the significance of processing and developing methodologies to improve it. With our new app this development just got a lot easier.

We have tested this app with a broad range of individuals from 18-month olds to adults, and we've been delighted to see that the reaction to Simply Smarter Kids - Memory has exceeded our expectations.

Kids immediately intuitively know how to use the app and love it. No adult is needed for the child to play with the app. Where many processing activities have often met with resistance, kids love this app and want more; adults find themselves surprisingly challenged and are motivated to do better.

One of the exciting aspects of Simply Smarter Kids - Memory is that it is not only addressing short-term memory, but working memory as well. We are finding that scores on the app correlate with reverse digit spans, so we are now able to address working memory sooner than we ever have before.

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Improve Your Processing Skills: The Simply Smarter® System

The Simply Smarter® System is the official processing program of the Project.

The new Simply Smarter® System is a dynamic online cutting-edge program. Since NACD's development of the first sequential processing software in the early '80s using Commodore Pet computers, there have been a number of "brain exercising" programs put on the market. These programs may exercise the brain, but they are not targeted and they are not based upon NACD's long history of clinical application and development. The new Simply Smarter® System is based upon a totally new understanding of thought, memory and learning. Some of the components in the new program include:

  • System created to work with the association between short-term, working memory and executive/cognitive function.
  • Develops visualization and conceptualization.
  • Online dynamic program, which will be modified and developed as the data and feedback dictate.
  • The program will utilize a system by which each individual receives specific targeted activities designed to maximize their results in very short, manageable sessions.
  • Six intensity activities, which will be expanded upon and enhanced.
  • Over 24 processing and cognitive activities, with 30 levels per activity.
  • A variety of different looks and interfaces, for children, teens and adults.
  • There will be four cognitive groups of activities, culminating in the Exceptional Mind level, which will develop and bring together some of the best minds in the world.
  • Exceptional Mind participants will have blogs to encourage other users.
  • Exceptional Mind participants will be able to suggest new Exceptional Mind level activities.
  • The system will have a built-in, individually customizable rewards program.
  • High scores by age group will be displayed as a motivational factor.
  • The system will have a built-in communication system that will provide reminder e-mails to the user, announce new high scores and challenges to family and friends, and provide administrators with compliance information.
  • Users will be able to issue challenges to friends when they achieve new high scores. The challenges will permit the friend to do the activity and compare their score.
  • Comprehensive reporting and graphing will be incorporated throughout the system.

What It Can Do for You

The Simply Smarter System has been designed to help you learn, think, and communicate in order to build the basic foundation for achievement. We primarily learn through what we see and what we hear. Our brains learn to take in pieces of visual information (sight) and auditory information (hearing) in a piece-by-piece sequential process. The more pieces you can take in, the more information your brain has to work with. This is what is referred to as short-term memory. The Simply Smarter System builds your sequential auditory and visual processing, or short-term memory. The sequential pieces of information you process provide the foundation for you to then learn how to hold pieces of information together and manipulate them. This is referred to as auditory and visual working memory. The Simply Smarter System builds your auditory and visual working memory. You manipulate the information in your working memory through thinking in pictures, or visualization, and thinking in words, or conceptualization. The Simply Smarter System develops your ability to visualize and conceptualize. Then using these visualization and conceptualization skills and helping you to draw upon information you have learned previously, the Simply Smarter System helps to develop your executive cognitive ability—your ability to think. The Simply Smarter System teaches you how to think and think smarter.

The Simply Smarter System will help you develop all the core pieces that will unlock your potential, helping you learn better, think better, and live better. The System does not teach you memory tricks or strategies. What it does is physically change your brain. By providing you with very specific, very targeted input, the System will help you change your brain and help you access your innate intelligence.

How It Works

Through a very dynamic, targeted program, the Simply Smarter System directs you through very short, targeted sessions, moving you through activities that will build the foundation upon which you learn and think. You will not be playing games, although most children and adults enjoy the activities; nor will you be doing non-targeted, non-specific “brain exercise.” You will be receiving a very individualized, dynamic, targeted program that is constantly modified by you for you. Your performance in every activity in every session changes how the System works for you. Not only is this not a one-size-fits-all program, it is so dynamic that the content of each activity changes every time you do it, according to your previous performance. Even the sequence of activities changes, based upon your performance and how your brain has learned and changed.
In each short (10–15-minute) session you will be working on your intensity and focus, your visual and auditory short term memory, your visual and auditory working memory, your ability to visualize and conceptualize, your executive cognitive function, and your ability to learn, think, and communicate.

To help keep you motivated and your intensity high, the Simply Smarter System contains many exciting features including:

  • A variety of challenging and fun intensity activities to start each session. These activities prep your brain for the other targeted activities to follow.
  • A totally individualized rewards system. The rewards system tracks progress and provides rewards as it has been customized to fit each individual.
  • Graphs and tracks your improvement and shows you where you are in relation to others your age.
  • Individualized and automatic e-mail communication system. The communication program developed as part of the Simply Smarter System sends out requested e-mails to earmarked individuals to inform them of new high scores, special achievement, and even daily or weekly compliance.
  • Challenge a friend. Part of the thrill of developing new abilities is sharing your success. Built into the Simply Smarter System is the ability to e-mail challenges to friends. The challenge will permit your challenge friend to attempt to beat your score every time you achieve a new high score.

Over Forty Years in Development

The Simply Smarter® System's design represents the culmination of over forty years of development. Under the guidance of founder Robert J. Doman, Jr., the staff of the National Association for Child Development has designed and directed over 30 million of hours of individual neurodevelopmental intervention. NACD's understanding of sequential processing, short-term and working memory and executive cognitive function and how to develop it has evolved over decades of work with tens of thousands of individuals from all over the world. The activities presented in The Simply Smarter® System are, quite simply, what works. The combination of visual and auditory exercises, used according to our recommendations, are specifically created to produce as much change in as little time as possible. As a result, The Simply Smarter® System offers you the most advanced, most efficient educational tool on the market to unlock your intelligence as well as protect your mental function from declining with age.

The all-new Simply Smarter System is COMING SOON! Please check back for official announcments.

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