How to Participate: Schools

Who Should Participate?

Students, teachers, administrators, and parents should all participate.

Why Should a School Participate in The Simply Smarter Project?

  • There are two primary ways to learn, take in information, and process information. The two primary channels through which we learn are our vision and our hearing. How can we possibly claim to be maximizing the educational opportunities of our children and ourselves if we do not even know how well we process visual and auditory information? The Simply Smarter Project will provide us with that information and assist us in building these vital skills.
  • Data from your school population will be provided without cost.
  • Baseline testing is anonymous. Data will be provided based on group codes.
  • The data that will be collected from the project will benefit all of us involved in understanding cognition, improving education, and raising our educational standards.
  • The Simply Smarter Project is designed to be community-based -- children, their parents, and teachers are encouraged to participate, as well as local companies and institutions.
  • Raising sequential processing abilities can produce global cognitive and maturational change.
  • Many educational and behavioral problems can be reduced or eliminated by improving sequential processing.
  • The role of educators needs to be redefined to include assisting students in achieving their individual learning/neurological potentials.
  • Schools can provide the impetus to raise not only the level of function of the students but the community as a whole.

How Can Schools and Institutions Participate?

  • Contact NACD to receive your group code or codes. These codes will permit us to identify those in your group who participate in the baseline assessment. We will provide you with data, based on code. If you would like more than basic information, contact our Research staff for an explanation of how the demographic information can be broken down for you.
  • Spread the word! The more people who participate in The Simply Smarter Project the greater everyone's benefit.
  • Contact NACD to make the official software of the project, Simply Smarter, available to your students to build their sequential processing and cognitive skills. Use the activities provided with your students as well.
  • The Simply Smarter Project is totally dependent upon donations—please contribute.
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