How to Participate: Individuals

Who Should Participate?

  • Everyone!

Why Should Local, National, and International Communities Support The Simply Smarter Project?

  • A significant percentage of the population lacks the basic processing skills to think, understand, learn, and communicate well enough to lead happy and productive lives. We believe that the data collected from Phase I of The Simply Smarter Project is going to graphically illustrate a strong correlation between sequential processing skills and overall function, as represented by educational level, income, and career. Sequential processing and cognitive abilities can then be addressed and improved. Wouldn't it be nice if we could increase cognitive skills so that people could learn better, be more employable, raise their children and maintain a home and relationships better, and be more contributive to society? NACD has increased these basic functions with tens of thousands of individuals. This can be accomplished through The Simply Smarter Project.
  • NACD has shown that processing skills can be raised to amazing levels. The world needs adept minds to address the problems which are becoming more complex and threatening than at any other time in history of mankind. Increased sequential processing means holding more pieces of information together and manipulating more pieces of information; simply put, thinking better and thinking smarter.
  • The Simply Smarter Project has the potential to not only raise the bar but also to provide the tools with which to achieve that higher level of function.

How Can Communities Participate?

  • Community leaders need to take the lead in supporting The Simply Smarter Project. Those who are in a position to set an example should endorse the project and encourage participation.
  • The Simply Smarter Project provides a community with something everyone can do - children, adults, and seniors can all benefit. The Simply Smarter Project can pull a community together for a common cause and a common mission.
  • The Simply Smarter Project is totally dependent upon donations—please contribute.
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