How to Participate: Businesses

Who Should Participate?

Everyone from the top to the bottom of the company.

Why Should Businesses and Corporations Participate?

  • From a business perspective, companies should participate because of the bottom line. The higher the level of function of everyone involved in a business, the higher the level of productivity.
  • In attempts to raise the bar, companies often do something very similar to what schools do. Schools bring in new curriculums, and companies bring in consultants. New books and new techniques "may" assist some of the students on a short term basis; new structures and procedures "may" assist a company and employees; but in both instances you are still using the same brains with the same strengths, weaknesses, and inefficiencies. Change the brains and you raise the global bar.
  • The Simply Smarter Project will provide companies with very significant data as to the function of groups identified by Project codes. If, for example, the data indicated that 90% of department heads had auditory digit spans between seven and nine, that would indicate that these individuals could process multi-step directions reasonably well, were fair to good at multi-tasking, were able to think conceptually, and would have generally good communication skills. Looking at the other 10%, you might discover that 8% have lower auditory processing skills, which would tend to indicate that some of their needed strengths could be sharpened by working on their auditory processing. Wouldn't it be interesting to raise the auditory sequential processing of the entire group?
  • Forward-looking companies realize that most of their future employees are sitting in classrooms within their community. The Simply Smarter Project is going to encourage local companies to become active participants in implementing The Simply Smarter Project within local schools and colleges.
  • Participation in The Simply Smarter Project is free!

How Can Businesses and Corporations Participate?

  • Contact NACD to receive your group code or codes. These codes will permit us to identify those in your group who participate in the baseline assessment . We will provide you with data, based on code. If you would like more than basic information, contact our Research staff for an explanation of how the demographic information can be broken down for you.
  • Spread the word! The more people who participate in The Simply Smarter Project on an international basis, the greater everyone's benefit.
  • Become an active participant by supporting The Simply Smarter Project within your local schools.
  • Make the official project software, Simply Smarter, available to employees to build their sequential processing skills.
  • The Simply Smarter Project is totally dependent upon donations—please contribute.
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